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Vol.#13 (2017) - Special Limited Edition


Vol.#13 (2017) - Special Limited Edition

Only 13 printed.
Hand numbered.

The First kaffi fanzine issue of 2017, Vol.#13, was released on Friday the 13th of January. In honor of celebrating a New year of zines, the zine "Vol.#13" was co-released the same day.

"Vol.#13" is the kaffi fanzine Vol.#13 issue - but without all the text, photos etc cut & paste as seen in the finished issue. This is how the pages look like when they are just the background artwork.

"Vol.13" was a huge painting consisting of 24 A4-pages taped together to become a big canvas. Painted with aquarelle, coffee & human liquids. After being dried, the tape was ripped off, every 24 pages scanned & printed on a Xerox printer. Then all the pages was filled up with Cut & Paste of interviews, photos, drawings, pen writing etc.

The Original painting "Vol.#13" will be displayed at the next launch of kaffi fanzine Vol.#14 in March 2017.

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