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TUNGHØRT 2016 Fanzine + Sticker!

3.30 / Sold Out

TUNGHØRT 2016 Fanzine + Sticker!

Limited Edition fanzine!
Only 30 hand-numbered copies made!
4-page cartoon zine + cover.

Every cover is custom made by ripped note book pages, folded, painted, drawn & the TUNGHØRT Logo is cut & taped on the cover individualy.

Cartoon interviews with;
- Siloen Booking
- Darkhan
- Avast
- Lik
- The Good, The Bad & The Zugly
- Nag
- Machete
- Hold Fast
+ more Special Guests from "Mentzoni´s Monster MagaZine" World!

Make sure to pre-order the "Mentzoni´s Monster MagaZine" Vol.#13 (2016) & get a lot of cool extra FREE BONUS STUFF!!!

"Mentzoni´s Monster MagaZine" Vol.#13 (2016) will be released at the Bergen Art Book Fair 2016, 17-20th of November, Bergen. See more info on the BABF 2016 Facebook event.

Read / See more about these products at "kaffi fanzine merch" photo album on the Facebook page for kaffi fanzine, link HERE:


For subscription / Questions or other, send mail to;
[email protected]