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The Dogs Vol.3 (Pre-Order)


Pre-Order The Dogs Vol.3 Comix and you will get a Pre-Order Specially-Made The Dogs A4-Print!!! ☕️🐶⚰️

This offer is Only Available for those who Pre-Order!!!

NOTE! The Dogs Vol.3 Comix won’t be published before the release of The Dogs Album in March 2022!!!

ALL THE MONEY made from the kaffi fanzine Pre-Orders of The Dogs Vol.3, «THE PUNK DOGS» Prints & the Original Artwork of «THE PUNK DOGS» will go to the printing cost of making this comix!

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«THE PUNK DOGS» A3-Print by Martin Mentzoni!

The Original Artwork of «THE PUNK DOGS» is also for sale! See products for more info!

There will be made a Limited Edition and a DELUXXXE BOX Edition of The Dogs Vol.3 from kaffi fanzine - more on this will be posted in Feb 2022! Inside these there will be a COFFIN COMIX THE DOGS SPECIAL BONUS COMIXXX!!!

And true to tradition, there will of course be the following The Dogs Vol.3 Limited Editions:

- Tronsmo Limited Edition
- The Dogs Limited Edition
- Shabby Records Limited Edition

Collectors, prepare to Suffer!😂

Thank you all for Supporting True Norwegian Underground Comix from kaffi fanzine! ☕️🐶🖤🐥

Go to my YouTube channel and see the video: a cup of coffee and THE DOGS! (with donuts!)

The Dogs Vol.3 Tegneserien er skrevet & tegnet av tegneserieskaper Martin Mentzoni.

Tegneserien vil være tilgjengelig i følgende fysiske butikker: Krimz Kramz, Shabby Records & Tronsmo Bokhandel.

Ønsker du å ha The Dogs Vol.3 Tegneserien i DIN butikk? Ta kontakt på: kaffifanzine@gmail.com ☕️