S. Wonder’s Dream Come Through (Triptych «Aske» Print Series)


LIMITED EDITION Vinyl Record Format Size Print (31,43cm x 31,43cm) !!!

One of the Prints in the Triptych «Aske» Series. Only available at kaffifanzine.com and Galleri Fjalar in Bergen, Norway.

See the two other prints in other products and in the extra product photos here.

The print «She Hates The Color Red» (see photo) is the print favoured & owned by Nergal from Behemoth.

Artwork by Martin Mentzoni.

- Only 6 Prints made!
- Signed
- Hand Numbered

Printed on High Quality 270g Acid-Free Scandia 2000 paper!

The Print is shipped in a flat hard cardboard Raja-Pack to make sure it’s safe!

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