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Mentzoni Monster MagaZine Vol.15


NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDER!

This product will be Shipped Nov.2nd!

If you Pre-Order this you will get a BONUS Comix Specially made & ONLY Available for Pre-Order Customers!

ONLY AVAILABLE on the web shop & printed in a very Limited Run! Photos & more coming soon!

First Edition run is Limited to 96 comix.
All Hand-Numbered!

First print is in a very limited run of Only 96 copies each! All hand-numbered (Second Prints will NOT be hand-numbered anymore! In order to give the Die-Hard Collectors some extra;)

- Standard Edition
- Limited Edition
- DELUXE Box Edition! ONLY 1 MADE! (Available Friday 2th of October!)

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Coffin Comix Vol.1 available if you order Ken the Kylling Vol.3 (Norwegian or English Edt.) and Coffin Comix Vol.2 available if you order Ken the Kylling Vol.4 (any edition of Vol.4!)