«NFT! My First NFT!!!»

Here are some of the finished keNFT drawings (not cut yet! Size will be 20x20cm)

Photo of the Complete keNFT Artwork with all 49 frames finished will be posted when finished. You can get your own custom drawing inside your keNFT - if so, write in tje comment when you order what you want.

In Martin Mentzoni’s own words:

NFT! My First NFT!!!

But wait… it’s NOT what you think! Of course I’m gonna do it MY WAY! Digital art can suck my ass: THIS! IS! ANALOG!!!

(Plus I’m way too stupid to understand how the fuck the whole NFT thing works. I tried, gave up after 5.min cause it was too much, haha)

The main inspiration behind this «keNFT» piece is because I got a tax smack, having to pay NOK 28 700,- before 20th of August.

So YOU can literally help me out of this mess by investing in my First «NFT» artwork! THANK YOU!

I’m making a HUGE drawing on high quality Fabriano watercolor paper. It’s gonna be mixed media: acrylic, watercolor, ink, coffee & pencil. And also using THE WORLDS MOST EXPENCIEVE BLACK ACRYLIC PAINT!

Each Frame will have an individual drawing and be numbered from 01 to 49.

I’ll make a grid of 49 frames (each 20x20cm) and YOU can buy one (or more) frame aka «NFT-File».

Each frame will cost NOK666 (+shipping)

With Love from
Martin Mentzoni