Ken the Kylling Vol.4 (LTD Edition)


Ken Comix has been published in BOTH English & Norwegian! This is currently ONLY Available in NORWEGIAN!

If you order Ken the Kylling from the Web Shop, you will get a FREE Mini-Comix: Coffin Comix!!!

ONLY AVAILABLE on the web shop & printed in a very Limited Run! Photos & more coming soon!

First Edition run is Limited to 96 comix.
All Hand-Numbered!

First print is in a very limited run of Only 96 copies each! All hand-numbered (Second Prints will NOT be hand-numbered anymore! In order to give the Die-Hard Collectors some extra;)

Make sure to check out Ken the Kylling Vol.1, 2 & 3 Comix as well - BOTH Available in English & Norwegian.

- Standard Edition
- LimiKen Edition
- DELUXXXE Box Edition

The 13 First are LimiKen Edition with A4-Print & hand colored details on Acid-Free, High Quality 270g Scandic White 2000 paper + The cover nā€™ back cover (Page 1, 2, 23 & 24) is made with the same fancy paper!

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*Coffin Comix Vol.1 available if you order Ken the Kylling Vol.3 (Norwegian or English Edt.) Coffin Comix Vol.2 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL available if you order Mentzoni Monster MagaZine Vol.15.