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Ken the Kylling Vol.3

6.00 / Sold Out

First Edition run is Limited to 96 comix.
All Hand-Numbered!

For the FIRST TIME EVER comes Ken the Kylling with a English title of the brand name! Finally, people abroad don’t have to wonder wtf Kylling means anymore, hehe.

This is also the First time Ken Comix has been published in BOTH English & Norwegian!

First print is in a very limited run of Only 96 copies each! All hand-numbered (Second Prints will NOT be hand-numbered anymore! In order to give the Die-Hard Collectors some extra;)

The 13 First are LimiKen Edition with A4-Print & hand colored details on Acid-Free, High Quality 270g Scandic White 2000 paper on the cover n’ back cover (Page 1, 2, 23 & 24).

No.1 & No.2, both in the Norwegian & the English Edition, is a DELUXXXE Edition with ORIGINAL Drawings! These will of course be a lil’ more pricey.

If you order Ken the chicKen from the Web Shop, you will get a FREE Mini-Comix (inspired by Fantagraphic Books).

ONLY AVAILABLE on the web shop & printed in a very Limited Run! Photos & more coming soon!

Make sure to check out Ken the chicKen Vol.1 & 2 (Ken the Kylling) Comix as well - BOTH Available in English!

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