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Ken the Kylling #02 Standard Edition (2019)

6.00 / Sold Out

Ken the Kylling Vol.#02 (2019)
First Print!!!

Only 96 printed - The 13 First are LimiKen Edition!
24 Pages of Pure FucKen Armageddon!
A5-format, Colors (well, mostly just red blood)
Made in Manga Style, so it reads from right to left!

ALSO AVAILABLE in LimiKen Edition which includes:
- Signed & Hand Numbered A4 Print by Martin Mentzoni (Only 13 made!
- Says LimiKen Edition & is Hand numbered on the cover

The Story inside Ken the Kylling Vol.#02 "The 96 Gig":

"Ken the Kylling & his band the chicKens are gonna have their first show ever, but something goes terribly wrong when Ken decides to play with a razorblades on stage. How will it end? Well, it can go two ways & its up to YOU dear reader, to see what happens!"

WARNING: Contains graphic images of violence, sex, blood & Death. and boobs. and chicKens of course. Cute lilĀ“chicKens. RATED T for Older Teens!

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