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«Happy Thoughts» Limited Edition A3-Print


NEW!!! 🐥 «Happy Thoughts» A3 Print, Limited Edition run of ONLY 13 MADE!!!

Signed & Hand numbered. Each print is individually hand colored with red eyes & lipstick - so every print is different! 😘

300NOK /$35 + Shipping.

The Print is shipped in a flat hard cardboard Raja-Pack to make sure it’s safe!

If you live in Haugesund, you can DM me on Instagram (@martinmentzoni) or Mail me at [email protected] if you want to buy without paying for shipping;)

PS: I do not have 666% lock down on the shipping cost, but have put this up as temporary - want to make sure I can ship prints as cheap as possible for my YOU! So there might be changes in the shipping once I’ve figured out the Best & Cheapest say to send YOU these pretty prints;)